Reasons to be cheerful

There is so much negative news these days, it can be difficult to look up and find something good in the world. So taking inspiration from Ian Dury and the Blockheads, here are a few things that this week, make me feel the world is not such a bad place.

  1. The smell of Geranium oil. It’s light and sweet and floral and dark and mineral and earthy all at once, and sniffing at it makes me feel better.
  2. Smiling. I’ve just finished 10 months of (sometimes painful) dental work and have got my teeth back. Now I need to practice smiling (without my hand in front of my mouth) and show off the final result of all that work.
  3. Friends. I don’t need to hang out with them all the time; just knowing I have some good people out there on my side is enough.
  4. Libraries. I’ve been rediscovering the joys of libraries this year. They’re amazing places. You can wander around shelves and shelves of books, make your choice, and then take them home – for free!
  5. Wine. I do love good wine. I don’t mean stupidly expensive wine, I just mean good, tasty, interesting wine. I love it possibly too much. I love it enough to be considering going sober for October to see if wine is a contributing factor to my expanding waistline.

6. Sunshine. It starts to be in shorter supply around this time of year so it’s good to get out and make the best use of it while there is still sun and it is still warm. There have been a few golden sunsets in recent days and they are very fine and uplifting to see.


7. Tending the office plants. The minutes every week I spend watering and checking on the plants in my part of the office have lately been some of the most fulfilling minutes of my work week. The plants, in general, are doing well.

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