Mixed messages

Do you ever get sick of being given two sets of advice that are directly in opposition?

Take care in the sun, too much sun exposure ages you and worse, can give you skin cancer; but deal with your vitamin D deficiency by getting out into the sun for at least 15 minutes every day.

Red wine is good for your heart, but maybe it’s not, but only if you have a glass every day, but don’t drink every day because that’s bad for your liver.

Eat more meat, protein is good for you. But the resources used to grow meat are killing the planet so eat more plants.

Don’t eat fish because it’s full of mercury and will poison you but eat more fish because it’s healthy and good for your heart.

Don’t eat carbs because they are poison; but eat more oats and whole grains because they are good for you.

Eat more fruit because it’s good for you; but not too much because that acid in the fruit is no good for your teeth.

Take good care of your teeth, brush and floss and use those little interdental pick things to keep your teeth healthy and strong, but all those plastic dental cleaning items you’re using and throwing out are killing the planet.

Be happy with who you are, embrace your body for all its jiggles and imperfections but for heaven’s sake make sure you do 30 minutes of exercise every day or you will die of a heart attack. And don’t let yourself get overweight or vascular dementia will wipe out your brain.

Don’t get too involved in your work, save some mental health space away from work to be yourself. But also find work which is your passion, so you can really give 100% to your work.

Cardio exercise is good for you, because it keeps your heart strong. But maybe it’s weight training that’s good for you, because you need to build strength in your bones. But maybe it is yoga that’s good for you because you need to maintain your flexibility as you get older.

And eggs? Don’t get me started on eggs.

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