Say yes

I started drafting this post and left it sit for a few days until while watching Season 3 of Glow I saw a female impersonator perform this song by Liza Minnelli, “Yes”. I realised it must be a sign from the universe.

“Life keeps happenin’ every day… say yes.”

Time to stop talking about change but not making any change happen.

Start doing things differently and stop waiting for something to drop on my head out of the sky.

So here are some things I’m saying yes to:

  1. The Gym – and exercise in general

After being so sick earlier in the year I put my gym membership on hold while my lungs got back in order. Now I am feeling better, and I need to start back at having a proper exercise regime again. So I’ve signed up to the work yoga club (starts in September) and I’m starting the Couch to 5K programme again.

“You’ll never win if you never play… say yes.”

2. Speaking out loud

I’ve organised a regular slot for my team to get together and practice public speaking. It’s something everyone mentioned they wanted to improve on, and having had the benefit of several presentation / public speaking skills courses over the years (including a fabulous course at RADA for Business and the wonderful Big Speeches with Jessica Regan) I wanted to share what I’d learned with the rest of my team. And make everyone get up on their feet and talk to the group on a regular basis. And maybe through repetition they will get over the hand shaking fear.

And it turns out (four sessions in, so early days), this also has a side effect of increasing… not sure what a better term would be so I’m calling it teamliness. And although this is probably my favourite thing to work on right now (and it’s not any part of my core job), it’s also a chance to me to practice, not just to lead and share.

“Yes I’ll try, yes I’ll dare, yes I’ll fly, yes I’ll share

3. Do new things

Stop finding excuses not to do things. As Liza would sing, “Don’t say Why, say Why not?” So go along to that choir performance by my friend. And maybe sign up for a taster session with the choir myself and test those vocal chords which I shredded with coughing earlier the year.

Why not go through that shortlist of courses I wrote down a few months ago and book something. Am I going to try sketching or aromatherapy?

“Nothin’s gained if there’s nothin’ tried.”

4. Take care of myself

That means not just exercise, but better diet. I might never learn to love salad but I can say yes to knowing I am eating good nutritious food.

And now my body isn’t being twisted by coughing, say yes to getting a massage, to getting someone to physically beat out the stress I have been carrying.

Say yes to being responsible for bodily maintenance and make appointments for dental check up, and the medical, and the eye test.

“Yes I am and yes I’ll be and yes I’ll go.”

5. Write more

I really enjoy writing. If I had to do it all day long every day to make a living, I’m not sure how much I would still enjoy it, but drafting this blog and scribbling in my journal during my commute, it’s great. And I’ve written so much in the past few days, I feel like I’ve unblocked something.

“Say yes.”

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