Being grateful

It’s the end of my first day of working from home. The first of what could be four weeks out of the office (although only two weeks are confirmed right now).

Despite the slow IT systems, things not working as they should, lack of team banter, and no access to discount cafeteria and coffee, I am grateful.

Grateful because I am in a line of work that can be fully done remotely.

Grateful because there is technology that can keep our team connected – group chat today has been a wonderful thing as we shared fixes and frustrations.

Grateful because my cat did not try and ‘help’ me with my work as he usually does on my working from home days, just kept me company sleeping on his own chair.

Sleeping kitty

Grateful for having a cup of tea from the special cat mug with a doughnut on the special little plate from Turkey while at my home working desk.

Oh, where did that doughnut go?

Grateful for a sunny day and sitting much closer to a window and natural daylight than usual.

Grateful for the ability to work and earn in this time of such terrible insecurity.

I’m also grateful for to my followers and readers. I wish you all the best for the coming weeks while the earth holds its breath. Thanks for being here with me.

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