The longest week (13/2020)

I can’t believe we are already 1/4 through the year. It feels like these last few weeks have been several months. Since the lockdown began, days feel like weeks, weeks like months. 2020 is going to be a very long year.

This week I have been

Strugling with yoga. I signed up for a month of online yoga classes. After all, I have always said I wanted to do more yoga in the morning and now without a commute to distract me, I have no excuse. I also get good vibes for knowing I’m supporting a local yoga studio that has had to close for actual physical classes. So for my 7.00am class, all I have to do is get up and walk downstairs to the living room and switch on the laptop. Hardly a struggle. But I am not enjoying it. I struggle with some of the physical aspects. My arms are weak and start to wobble during repeated planks and downward dogs. I am reminded constantly how locked and inflexible my body is. I wobble and fall over during the balance poses. The yoga does not make me feel grounded. I do not feel that I am opening my heart centre. I am struggling. I am resisting. Possibly this is something I need to persist with and work through. My body is locked up with stress or anxiety and repeated yoga practice will address this. I need to open not just my hips or my heart centre but also my mind. I need to accept that this is how my body is and not feel like yoga is a competition where I’m in a fight with my body.

Shopping locally. Big supermarkets are a no-no. So food supplies are coming from the smaller local shops and corner stores, many of which I’ve never been to before. As a result, I’m trying new products to try and taking a new approach to food. Food seems like a pretty important thing right now.

Finding comfort in my garden. The garden is coming back to life at this time of year and I am out there every day because the sun has been shining. The wallflowers are looking great, there are new tulips every day, the pear trees have blossom and the apple trees are coming into leaf. I am not normally around so much at this time of year to be able to appreciate the changes that come day by day.

Assessing what’s in the pantry and the freezer. With the various frozen and tinned goods we have on hand, we have about 12-14 meals worth of food. I’m not worried about running out of food, but I wanted to appraise our supplies, and make some sensible decisions about what we can eat in the next week or so, all the better to prioritise our food shopping to the minimum.

This week I have not been

Watching any TV. Since the UK lockdown list was announced, we haven’t watched any TV. We’ve spent nights reading, playing card or board games, or playing Words with Friends on our phones. Watching TV just seems like too much.

Wherever you are and wherever you are reading this, I hope that you and all those close to you are well.

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