“Show me the curve”

There’s a friend I’ve had since primary school. We were clubbing buddies back in our late teens but then grown up life kicked in and our lives headed in different directions. She got married and had children, I headed overseas. We’re back in touch now, mostly through social media. And it’s her social media postings I find disturbing.

She’s become a flat-earther.

This perplexes and confuses me because I don’t understand why people believe the earth is flat. There are just too many questions to answer.

If the earth is really just a big stage, then who built it?

Who operates it?

What powers the machinery that makes water flow and the sun rise and tides come in and out?

What happens when you get to the edge, what’s beyond the big stage?

What’s the benefit for the government (or whoever) in telling us lies about the earth being round while concealing it’s flatness?

What happens if you drop something over the side?

Are there really turtles all the way down?

Checkmate! - Imgflip

“Show me the curve,” flat earthers say. “See this picture taken from space! There is no curve!”

Chief Crow & The Flat Earthworms: Where is the Curve? - YouTube

I believe the earth is round. I believe in the curve.

I have seen the curve. I’ve seen it from planes, and I saw it while tandem paragliding off a mountain in Turkey.

I believe in the curve. I hope one day my friend will come back around and believe in it too.

4 thoughts on ““Show me the curve””

    1. I haven’t spoken to her in a while to know when it started, I just noticed all these posts popping up. At first I thought it was funny, haha, she’s mocking. But they kept coming and I realised she actually believes it. I even see people from her own family commenting, “You’re joking, right?” I know she’s in a new relationship – maybe her new partner influenced her somehow? Very strange.


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