Notes to self

  • Don’t forget you have yoga booked for this evening
  • Vitamins – who has the best deal on cod liver oil tablets?
  • Study needs cleaning
  • In fact the whole house could do with being run over with the vacuum
  • Need to finalise planting plan for garden next weekend
  • When shops reopen, remember to buy new heads for your electric toothbrush
  • When the organic shop on the corner reopens, see if he still has those hair conditioner bars
  • Check – when did the orchids last get watered?
  • Go through loft – check what’s up there, what can be thrown out. (How many empty cardboard boxes do we really need?)
  • Video call with the family on Friday
  • Look online for a floaty red dress in case I ever get to take part in one of those Kate Bush/Wuthering Heights events
  • Need to research: what’s the rule about wild cards freezing the discard pack in canasta?
  • Check weather report for next week – book annual leave?
  • If taking annual leave, need to come up with a plan beyond reading, writing and watching Series 2 of the Handmaid’s Tale
  • Get summer shoes out of storage
  • Put summer clothes into drawer – may need to put some winter clothes away
  • Front yard needs a sweep and weeding – sometime
  • Check if pears in fruit bowl are ripening yet – they’ve been there a week
  • Coffee is running low – remember to add to grocery list
  • Maybe try meditating in the morning all this week and see if it makes a difference?
  • Don’t touch the cat’s neck, he had his flea treatment yesterday and he’s sticky
  • Do we want more picture frames in hallway? What photos to use if we do?
  • Find time to read and finish that book
  • Go through contacts at lunchtime – see who I need to check in with this week
  • Make time to check in with FAMILY
  • Phone needs charging
  • Check for today’s discover prompt at 11.00am

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