The Problem with Pillowcases

Husband and I have some issues with laundry. Or rather, I have some issues with Husband’s way of hanging laundry up to dry. He doesn’t check that all the sleeves are shaken out from shirts, he doesn’t make sure that things are hung flat so they dry properly. I always have to follow along behind him and rehang at least one in every four pieces of laundry.

But when we wash the bed linen, I get really annoyed when I see him hang up the pillowcases because how is it possible to get it so wrong?

I hang pillowcases the same way I learned from my mother, with their “mouth” open at the top. (I also add a twist by turning them inside out.) This way it’s easiest for the wind to blow into the mouth of the pillowcase and help it to dry.

Mouth open to the sky

Whereas my husband hangs pillowcases up with the mouth open at the bottom. That’s rubbish. There’s no way the wind will get into it to help it dry when it’s upside down like that.

Mouth facing downwards

We both believe we are hanging pillowcases the right way.

Which of us is right?

Which way makes sense to you?

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