The Bubble House

You will know by now that I am inclined to dreaming. And here is another dream. The Bubble House. This place looks amazing; it would be like living in a space ship. And it’s for sale!

The entrance way really looks like a landed spacecraft.

The interesting and unusual design of this house started as a thesis idea, but the architect turned it into a reality. “This home is an ode to strength, beauty and the simplicity of the humble circle. What started as a thesis idea, 36 years ago, by Mr Birchall grew into the current family home.

This entrance hall is like a spaceship airlock.

From the estate agent website: “A world first opportunity to own this one of a kind elite property on our Planet! Eleven Domes. Twenty rooms. 1,050m2 floor space over three levels poised on 5,109m2. Designed by world renowned Architect Mr. Graham Birchall.”

I’ve had a quick look at the other developments on the Birchall and Partners website and The Bubble House is the coolest by far. The vision and chutzpah needed to bring something like this into reality….

The house also has some novel features: “Internal water cooling fountain is a one of design as the air-conditioning system. The timber heater embraces level one and level two with the design individually created to fit this space.

Surely everyone loves a library? Who wouldn’t enjoy sitting in this room surrounded by books? How do you feel about round rooms?

The attention to detail is great. And let’s not forget the work that would have been required to build and design on rounded walls. Again from the estate agent website: “A traditional boat builder and carpenter crafted the kitchen complete with all the curves.”

“Eleven intersecting circular domes which range from 4m to 8m in diameter are the key formations. The remote iris circular shutters provide privacy, function and form.

Welcome to command centre

Oh, and did I mention that this property backs onto a river?

What do you think of this house? Is it a dream or a nightmare? Would you want to live in a bubble house that looks like a spaceship?

Practical considerations – how do you fit square and rectangular furniture into this place? Where do you put things if there are no flat walls to push anything up against?

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