Strange morning

The cat was sick in the kitchen overnight. It was probably our fault. He’s become more picky in his old age and the only wet food he seems to like now is the expensive Sheba pouches. After that spell in the hot weather when he didn’t eat much at all, it’s been good to see his appetite coming back, and last night, after he ate half a Sheba pouch in no time at all we gave him another quarter, and then another quarter. So he ate the whole pouch. Which initially we were pleased about (“So good to see him hungry again!”) until we saw the little pile of Sheba-like puke in the corner of the kitchen this morning. So he will be back on half rations again. I guess being the old man that he is, rich food doesn’t agree with him like it used to.

Also in the kitchen this morning was a small puddle of water. It wasn’t a leak from upstairs so I put my finger in it to smell it. Cat pee! Not from our old man, but from the marauding neighbourhood cat who comes in to steal our cat’s food. The fact that it was right nearby his food dishes was proof it was an intruder cat. Our next thought was, “How come we didn’t smell that?” If you’re familiar with the smell you will know it is quite pungent and distinctive. “Have we got Covid?” Probably not, because as we cleaned it up and I sprayed vinegar water on the spot (yes, this happens enough for me to keep a spray bottle of vinegar water just for this purpose) we both could smell it then. So we probably don’t have Covid.

This morning I was supposed to re-start my Couch to 5K running plan. I have two more sessions to do before I can declare the programme complete. I only ran once while on holidays over the past two weeks (on a treadmill, in a hotel gym) and that was cut short to get back for a family Zoom call. I had the option to run on the Sett Valley Trail on our last day in the Peak District but this was the day after our big hike up Kinder Scout so I let myself have a lie-in instead. I regret not taking that run now. Anyway, I headed off to the park this morning, hoping that all that hill walking I did last week would have strengthened my legs and I would power through 30 minutes of running. I guess we’ll never know because halfway through the run I had an urgent need for the bathroom and had to return to the house post-haste because there are no public toilets open in the park at that hour of the morning. I tried running back to the house but that made my problem worse. The best I managed was a strange kind of shuffle. That will teach me to eat a whole lot of vegetables for dinner the night before a run.

All this before 9am! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day holds.

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