Bloganuary 17: Superpower

Today’s topic is: What’s a superpower you’d love to have?

Incredible strength? Nah. You’d spend your whole time doing favours for people and opening everyone’s jars.

Flying? Tempting, but nah.

Time travel? Oh, so much to take into account with this one, and what if you turn up naked like in the Terminator or the Time Traveller’s Wife? Impractical if you want to travel somewhere cold. So nah.

Laser eyes? Highly impractical and annoying to wear sunglasses all the time so nah.

Being able to transform myself into some kind of animal to wreak havoc? Nah, I wouldn’t want to freak out my cat.

The superpower I’d love to have is a healing superpower. You know in movies where someone is injured and the magician/mythical creature/superhero/alien runs their hands over the injury and it miraculously heals. That’s a power I’d love to have.

The ability to be a one-person healing machine! Wow! Think of the good you could do! Friday night in A&E I could clear up all the cuts and scrapes and minor injuries and leave the medical staff to deal with the serious cases.

I could travel to places with limited medical care, where doctors are thin on the ground, and I could heal people.

But – ah – just how much healing could I do? What would my limits be?

I’m such a practical person I am just now contemplating the specificities of it – is it just wounds and broken bones I could heal? Could I heal blood diseases? Could I dissolve cancers, kidney stones, cataracts?

And what about mental pain? Would this superpower work on people with anxiety, or depression, or schizophrenia?

How many people can I heal every day before I run out of power?

OK, maybe I’m taking it a bit too far with the practical applications, but I would need to know what I could and could not do before I start heading out as a one-woman medical centre to start making people better.

And what kind of toll does this take on me? Do I fall in a gracious faint after healing people as mystics so often do in the movies? Do I need to eat special food?


Actually, you know what? Flying. I think the superpower I would love to have is flying.

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