As seen

Walking through the park this morning, it looks like all the children in the neighbourhood are here for soccer (football) training. One side of the park is crowded with groups of small children gathered around temporary goals, running and shouting and being directed by adults. They seem to range from very small (maybe three years old?) to almost pre-teen (maybe eight or nine).

On the other side of the park is a much smaller group of four with two coaches. They are also practising in front of a temporary goal. They are supervised by two coaches. They are girls.

I look back at the other side of the park. The very small child groups seem to contain boys and girls but as the age groups get bigger I can only see boys. Lots of boys.

I look back at the four girls.

I wonder at what stage the little girls who are playing with such enthusiasm with the little boys start to drop out. I wonder what makes them give up football. I wonder why they lose interest.

I wonder why, out of all the little girls who start, only four are left.

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