What did they say?

Check your smuggalum,”

Your what?

It was only when I heard something about “fire”, I realised this was a radio ad recommending we check our smoke alarms. (or smuggalums) to avoid dying in a house fire.

Good advice, but why not get someone who can articulate clearly to do the radio voice for something so important?

Search: beckon business”

This ad for a bank was about how small business could rely on this bank for support in growing their business.

I think what the voice over is saying is either “back in business” or “backing business”. If you’re giving people internet search instructions, shouldn’t that be clear if that’s the action you want people to take on hearing your radio ad?

Melchitt can help you”

My first thought was the Stephen Fry character from Blackadder, Lord Melchitt, but I don’t know that he knew a lot about digital marketing.

On following listens I hear Melchin, before realising the ad is for Mailchimp. Mailchimp, Melchin. They are very different words and not pronounced the same at all.

Book now with boiling airlines”

This doesn’t make me want to book with this airline at all. Boiling airlines – it sounds like the air system is broken and everyone is sweating in a hot cabin.

Except the actual airline name is spelt Vueling.

Oh, it’s Voiling Airlines!

So why not call it “view-ling” in your radio ads? Then people might have a good chance at finding your website.

To add to the confusion, I flew this airline once, and the Spanish crew referred to it as “welling”.

My verdict? This airline needs a rebrand.

I’m all for hearing regional accents on the radio. It’s good to hear a variety of different voices. But could the radio ad producers please ensure they get people who can pronounce their clients’ names clearly and correctly?

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