Michelle Yeoh won a Golden Globe!

She won the award for best actress in a comedy/musical.

It embarrasses me that I haven’t seen Everything Everywhere All At Once yet to admire her no doubt outstanding performance.

Michelle Yeoh is gorgeous and is one of those people who, when you see her name associated with a film, you think “Ah, good. This film is probably going to be OK”. Even films like Tomorrow Never Dies and Crazy Rich Asians were saved from being completely terrible by her presence.

The picture of her and Jamie Lee Curtis has been widely circulated. #friendshipgoals is the commonly used hashtag. What you want is a friend who celebrates your wins the same way Jamie Lee is celebrating here.

I first read the news on Instagram where Viv Groskop (obviously also a fan) declared her a room-owning woman for continuing her speech despite them playing the “shut up and get off the stage” music. Michelle Yeoh handled this with aplomb.

You can see her speech here.

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