Bloganuary 23: an interview with Lady B

Today we’re interviewing Lady Blackbird, the protagonist of a work in progress. Hello Lady Blackbird. Could I just clarify that is not my name, Lady Blackbird. I’m not the soul singer with the white afro. My actual name is Tara Amsel. Right, OK. Thanks for clarifying. So why is your book called Lady Blackbird? I… Continue reading Bloganuary 23: an interview with Lady B

Cat and Cow (2.2022)

We are in the closing days of the year of the Ox. This might explain why the past year has felt heavy and slow and angry and overwhelming at times. The next year in the Chinese zodiac is the year of the Tiger, and a water tiger at that. I've looked at several Chinese horoscope… Continue reading Cat and Cow (2.2022)