Putting the pieces back together (31.2021)

It's strange how pieces from different places connect sometimes. I'm not talking about jigsaws here (for once). I heard this week that one of the more interesting novels I've read in recent years, Drive your Plow over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczuk, has been made into a movie called Spoor. I found… Continue reading Putting the pieces back together (31.2021)

Week 27.2020 – rolling on into the second half of 2020

After a grim start to the year, I am feeling a little more positive and a little more energetic as the second half of 2020 rolls in. Let's hope I'm not mistaken in my feeling. This week's TV: We did some catching up on TV this week after a few weeks of not watching much… Continue reading Week 27.2020 – rolling on into the second half of 2020

Review – The Visit (or The old lady comes to call)

This week I went to see The Visit or The old lady comes to call  at the National Theatre. It's a long play, with three acts running to three and a half hours but I was drawn in to the story and didn't really notice the passage of time. The play is set in Depression… Continue reading Review – The Visit (or The old lady comes to call)

Books, books, books, and theatre

One thing about our Walk the Lines project was getting to know which suburbs of London have the charity shops with the best selection of books for sale. On Saturday we were heading out to Hammersmith to go to a play, but we went early because we remembered a street with a concentration of charity… Continue reading Books, books, books, and theatre