How to be a winner and loser at the same time (19.22)

Good and bad news this week. Let's start with this week’s bad news: I lost a friend. Not a real friend, but someone whose voice I have listened to intently over the last two years. Someone whose relaxing tone helped me feel calm and focussed; someone who made me laugh; someone who helped me calm… Continue reading How to be a winner and loser at the same time (19.22)

Plus / Minus (2.21)

This week the UK deaths from Covid19 topped 90.000. On Wednesday more than 1500 people died. The safety warnings on the radio have become more stark: "If you break the rules, people will die." The enormity of the situation is almost unprocessable - my mind just can't take in these figures. So I hear them,… Continue reading Plus / Minus (2.21)