Reasons to be cheerful #2

I am feeling a bit down this week (and it’s only Monday lunchtime!) so I want to think about good things for a bit. Here are five good things:

  1. I talked to my friend the cleaner about how she does her hair (it’s straight again). Apparently she rinses it in vodka (!) because the hard water is no good for it. She also gave me a hair mask recipe: avocado, natural yoghurt, olive oil (just a little), lemon juice (2 drops) and aloe vera. Use this twice per month and your hair will shine. (Although I don’t think any mask will help my thin hair. Better I combine the avocado and lemon juice with some other ingredients to make guacamole and eat this with a shot of vodka and not worry about my hair.)
  2. On the weekend my husband and I recovered our dining room chairs. Say goodbye to the horrible red-black-silver 80s fabric they had when we bought them and hello to colourful Central-Asian type pattern.
  3. I got something wrong on Friday and worried about it over the weekend. (Lying in bed at 1am on Saturday night thinking about work documents…) Thanks to some help it seems to be fixed now. I offered to buy coffee and cake to the helpers but they said no.
  4. Found object: on the way to the station this morning we passed an abandoned folding table at the side of the road. “Oh look, a gardening table,” I said. “You don’t need a gardening table,” my husband said, “and I’m not going to carry that home.” He messaged me later on with a picture of the table in our garden. “You now have a gardening table. “
  5. I was reminded we have a team presentation coming up next week. I’ve reviewed and tidied up my slides, written an outline of what I want to say, and checked (fixed) the animations. I like presentations. I know most people live in fear of presentations but really, they aren’t hard to do well. When I think of all the dull presentations I’ve sat through done by senior people paid a lot more than me, I feel even more confident because I know I can do better.

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