Here we go again

Yesterday I saw a job ad for an interesting job…in Korea.

The job is with an international organisation and doing something allied to what I do now, which is quite specialised, so finding a similar job is quite rare.

So I did what I always do when I see a job I want to apply for.

Prep my CV? No.

Draft a letter? No.

Read up and research the organisation? No.

Well actually I did do a bit of that. I looked at a map of Seoul to see where this organisation was based. I saw there is a metro station nearby.

Then I looked up pictures of the Seoul metro.

And then I wondered where I could live, so I did a quick search to find suitable suburbs for expats.

And then I searched for apartments to rent in this area, which of course led me to search for…

…plant and flower markets in Seoul.

This is how my mind works – don’t worry about the practicalities, first secure the dream. If you can see it and feel it, then you can do it.

Next comes the tricky part: re-reading the job ad again to see if it’s really relevant for me, if it’s something I would want to do, if it’s something I would move halfway around the world for.

Oh, and updating my CV and writing a cover letter and all those actual practical things that are needed to get me this job.

Or I can just carry on dreaming.

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