Bloganuary 5: What is something you wish you knew how to do?

Three things come up in my mind immediately on seeing this question: Ride a motorcyclePlay the celloScuba dive I don't want a Harley Davison, I think they are ugly. (And people I know who know bikes tell me that BMWs are much better touring bikes.) In fact it wouldn't have to be a big bike.… Continue reading Bloganuary 5: What is something you wish you knew how to do?

Angry IWD

Happy international women’s day! Except we don’t have a lot to be happy about. Especially if you’re an Australian woman. Why? Let me count the ways. Intimate partner violence kills one woman every week in Australia. “Why not just leave him?” say people who have no idea what domestic violence is like or how your… Continue reading Angry IWD

Why you should be nice to cleaners

It's been nearly five years since my father died. That was a time of much reflection and spending more time with my family than I have in years. After the funeral, there was a small reception in the catering hall attached to the chapel. The woman who ran the buffet was quite rude and whisked… Continue reading Why you should be nice to cleaners