Why you should be nice to cleaners

It's been nearly five years since my father died. That was a time of much reflection and spending more time with my family than I have in years. After the funeral, there was a small reception in the catering hall attached to the chapel. The woman who ran the buffet was quite rude and whisked… Continue reading Why you should be nice to cleaners

My Australian Self

Some months ago I wrote about signing up for a mentoring programme at work. I’m now rolling along with my mentor and one of the tasks she has given me is “to get back your Australian self.” This has perplexed me and raised lots of questions. What is my Australian self? What is my British… Continue reading My Australian Self

(Not quite) Sober October… or … I can resist everything except temptation

Sunday 30th September: A few glasses of wine during dinner with friends and that is my last drink for a month. Sober October here I come! No alcohol for a whole month! Wednesday 3rd: I find myself thinking about alcohol coming back from a lunchtime walk to the library, mostly because I have to dodge… Continue reading (Not quite) Sober October… or … I can resist everything except temptation