Is it too early?

When is it appropriate to start celebrating Christmas?

It’s November, but around 1 in 4 of the houses in my street already has Christmas decorations up. For me it feels way too early to start with Christmas. Christmas is a December celebration and you should wait until at least the first week in December before breaking out the tinsel.

I know it’s been a s**t year, I know that people need as much joy as they can get, especially at this time when we’re tipping into winter in the northern hemisphere and it seems like it’s been grey forever.

I know that Christmas decorations do bring cheer in all their colourful shininess. The twinkling lights do make things feel cosier. And I fully understand that people may need something to lift their spirits, after a year of pandemic, lockdown and ongoing bad news.

For me, I’m waiting until we flip the calendar onto the next page before bringing the decorations out of the cupboard.

I would be interested to know what my readers think. Is November too early to start with Christmas?

3 thoughts on “Is it too early?”

  1. I saw some friends post on social that they put their trees up early because of the shit year. In the US, I think it’s typical to put it up after Thanksgiving (late Nov). And I decided to do the same thing, because that made it less than a month away which seemed reasonable. Personally I’d rather see Christmas decor up “too early” than lingering around “too late”. 😛


    1. Ah, but what is too late? I hate it when people whip Christmas away on the 26th. I leave mine up until some time around the 6th of January. It has to be down by then or it’s bad luck. Personally, I’d be happy to take down Christmas but leave the twinkly lights up all through January because it’s such a dull grey month and we need all the shiny we can.

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