Three things

Three things I have learned in lockdown:

  1. How to make beer bread
  2. Which local corner shops are best to go to for various grocery items
  3. Where the German Bakery is

Three things I am doing in lockdown that I didn’t do before:

  1. Using the breadmaker (when there is bread flour to be had)
  2. Playing board games and canasta with my husband
  3. Drinking every night

Three things I am missing in lockdown:

  1. Being able to go somewhere – anywhere – anytime – anyhow
  2. My work cafeteria (so much easier to eat healthily when there’s a salad bar on site)
  3. My work colleagues

Three things I am looking forward to doing after lockdown:

  1. Getting together with friends
  2. Getting together with friends
  3. Getting together with friends

Three things I have started doing during lockdown that I would like to continue doing when it ends:

  1. Spending lunchtime outside in the sun
  2. Doing yoga three times a week
  3. Using technology to connect with people I haven’t seen or spoken to in years

Three things I have enjoyed about lockdown:

  1. Being able to garden at lunchtime. Or in the afternoon. Or any time I need a break from my desk, actually
  2. Having an office with an abundance of natural daylight
  3. Meticulous meal planning and clearing out of the pantry and the freezer

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