How was your week? (17.2020)

Mine was not too bad actually. I’m feeling a bit better in myself than I have been for the past few weeks.

I’ve made peace with yoga again. I did three classes this week and didn’t cry or give up on any of them. So what if I can’t do acro yoga or a side crab as some people in my team were talking about in this week’s meeting. I do what I do and that’s enough.

I had a family video call with my mother for her birthday since none of us can visit her. She wasn’t wearing her glasses or hearing aids for most of the call so it got a bit surreal with my sister holding up pieces of paper with words written on them to get a message across.

I started reading Ruby Wax Sane New World – a kind of instruction manual for the brain. Right now I’m in the chapters explaining how the brain works but I’m looking forward to the chapters on how to change your thoughts and reprogramme those little voices that say the mean things.

In addition to yoga, we’ve done some walks in the neighbourhood this week. On Saturday we actually got a takeaway coffee from a cafe. I didn’t sleep well that night; it could be the sudden shock of the caffeine after six weeks without a proper espresso based drink.

I’ve had a severe case of DIY envy this week. Husband has been busy painting the fence and I’ve been watching him from the study window where I’m working. I am a bit crazy, I actually like painting things. So I was happy when it got to the weekend and I could join in to get the rest of the fence painted. Twice. I hoped today we would be able to get the painting done before the people next door came out and put on their “10 favourite songs” playlist but no. Every day they come and sit in their yard and put this playlist on. Some of the songs I didn’t used to dislike but now I do.

This week I’ve been missing things. I missed the yoga class I had booked for Monday night. I missed the Zoom call with my Ikigai group on Friday and on Saturday I missed the yoga workshop I’d booked. They say things come in threes so hopefully that’s all the planned activities that I will miss. I feel so rubbish when I miss things I’ve committed to.

The WordPress Discover prompts word challenge was going along very nicely for me and I enjoyed writing every day but then we hit a series of words I have had no inspiration for. And so many music-related words! I think I’m about six or seven words behind now. Maybe more. Perhaps I’ll feel more inspired in May and catch up then.

This week I have not been planning for next week’s meals. We still have dried, tinned and frozen food, but after dinner tonight we will be out of fresh vegetables and are without any plans for meals next week. The thought of planning another 7 lunches and 7 dinners seems exhausting.

We’ve had another week with no rain. This is supposed to be April showers weather but I have drained both of my 200L water butts and have been watering the garden from the tap for the past weeks. We have rain forecast for next week though, hopefully enough to top up the water butts to keep the garden hydrated for a few weeks.

This week I have been listening to Scritti Politti on repeat – three albums – Cupid & Psyche ’85 which I had on vinyl as a teenager; White Bread Black Beer, which I bought about 10 years ago when I heard it was up for some album of the year award, and Provision, which I have on CD as well, possibly bought that one on ebay on the back of buying WBBB. My husband really doesn’t like Scritti Politti, he hates the high voice that Green Gartside sings in and complains whenever I put an album on or we hear them on the radio. “Why does he sing like that when he talks normally?” So these are good albums to listen to when I’m ‘alone’ in my ‘office’.

How was your week? What’s been occupying your time and your mind this week?

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