Week 20.2020

This week’s health report: I’ve had ongoing pains in my arms during the night. It feels like pins and needles but it’s also hot and painful, enough to wake me up and stop me getting back to sleep. It seems to be getting worse and is happening during the day now. I’m at the point where I struggle to hold a book or my phone for any length of time. I’ve tried stretching my shoulders and using my massage ball to work on knots but with no improvement. Now I guess I have to decide if it’s serious enough to try to talk to a doctor. If anyone has experienced something like this and knows what might be causing it, please let me know!

This week I’ve come to the realisation that there are a lot of webinars going on right now. It seems that everyone is an expert and wants to convey some information to somebody about something, but not all webinars are created equal. Some are not well structured or well put together. And I’ve also realised my attention span runs to about 40 minutes so signing up to a two hour webinar is not a great idea, as somewhere in the middle I will lose interest and stop listening and then probably miss the important ideas that made me sign up to the webinar in the first place.

This week’s yoga mood: good. In Monday’s morning class we were instructed to focus on contentment. But I had had little sleep due to waking up in the night with burning pains and numbness in my arms so I took a 20 minute break in the middle of class, switched off my camera and went out to help husband who was doing the washing up in the kitchen. Wednesday morning’s class we were told to think about the lotus flower – an object of beauty that grows up out of the mud. If we want to grow we need to do the work, make our way through the mud. Despite telling myself I could walk out of this class at any time (as I had done in the past), I finished the class, with a feeling of achievement. Although my internet connection was unstable throughout which meant some freezing and jumping in the stream so I may have missed some steps and poses. Friday it was Relaxing Yoga at lunchtime – not all relaxing though, there were some surprising challenges of balance which looked so easy until you tried them. Saturday I signed up for a Movement and Massage session taught by the lovely Sherene who used to run free yoga classes in the park a few years back. She does massage as well as yoga and set up these session for people who need massage but obviously can’t come see her right now. I finished that session with the spaced out woozy feeling of having actually had a massage.

Other exercise this week: On non-yoga days I have decided we need to get out for a walk. So we walked on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. On Thursday we walked down a new road that called itself an outside gallery, with lots of murals painted along the walls.

We’ve found a fabulous little shop about 35 minutes walk away (pre-lockdown this area always seemed to far to get to) that stocks an amazing array of fresh fruit and vegetables and other foodstuffs. I wish it was closer. If it was I might never go to a proper supermarket again. I had two proper coffees during our walks this week, let’s call it supporting local businesses.

Small business support of the week: It’s not just coffees and corner shops. This week I ordered a tin of sweets from Sweetie Stop, a business run by my friend (and former colleague). Who doesn’t love sweets? Check it out, especially anyone is South London as she does local deliveries to some postcodes. On Friday while I was doing yoga I sent Husband out to visit some local breweries who are doing off-license sales as their tap rooms are now closed. We don’t need beer but we had no beer and now we do have some beer. I’ve also placed an order with Lady V London – purveyor of vintage patterned dresses and skirts. I don’t need good clothes right now but at some point I will be going out in public again so why not acquire some lovely full skirts in preparation?

One small business I haven’t yet been able to support is our local garden centre. I need to focus on that. Although I still have baby plants in pots on the patio that are getting big so I need to plant them out into the garden. Maybe I should focus on the plants and garden beds I already have rather than coming over in plant frenzy and acquiring new plants that I have no room for.

Work this week: mixed. Some good days, some bad days. A lot of time on Zoom meetings but people did get into the Eurovision mood for the team meeting on Wednesday, allocating points to various things about their week. There was even some voting collusion between Russia and Belarus so it was just like the real thing.

This week’s cultural activity #1: Theatre. The National Theatre have been posting some theatre performances on YouTube. I’ve seen a few of their shows so far (Jane Eyre, both versions of Frankenstein with Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch, part of Antony and Cleopatra) and this week it was Barbershop Chronicles, a play set in various barber shops in London, Accra, Lagos, Kampala, Johannesburg… I don’t think I forgot any location. It required some concentration at first to get an ear on the dialogue (not as much as a Shakespeare play) but it was an entertaining show.

This week’s cultural activity #2: Eurovision. OK, so there was no Eurovision song contest this year, and the “Europe Shine a Light” alternative that they put together was confusing. So husband and I and our remote friend streamed the videos of the songs instead and had a fabulous evening live commenting along on WhatsApp. It was almost the same as if we had all been sat together on the same sofa commenting aloud. Almost. Anyway, I think the Mamas from Sweden were robbed, by far the best song of the night, I’m sure they would have won if it had been a normal year.

I hope all my readers have a good week ahead of them.

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