26.20 – the middle of the year

We are crossing the midway point of the year - the longest day has been and gone. It's strange to think the days are getting shorter, especially when the evenings still feel so long, and the hot weather of the past week means the nights also feel long. This week's exercise: Walking Yes, we're back… Continue reading 26.20 – the middle of the year

The first week of 2020

Yes it's that time of year when people make resolutions that they don't keep. I'm going to break it down smaller, and try and set myself things to think about and do each month. Having had another spell of ill heath at the end of 2019, I'm starting 2020 with a commitment to building up… Continue reading The first week of 2020

Walk the Lines (5 or 28 or The Final)

The day after our Heathrow walk dawned fine, and our legs were not particularly sore or achy. We had discussed it the day before but all the signs combined correctly to confirm it. "Let's do this," we agreed. "Let's walk the last stretch today and finish this thing." And so it was, around 9 a.m.… Continue reading Walk the Lines (5 or 28 or The Final)

Walk the Lines (4 or 27)

The last of our long walks and it's a strange one: we are walking out to Heathrow airport.Yes you read that right. Walking. To. An. Airport. However before we see the hallowed halls of Heathrow terminal 4, we have to start somewhere more familiar, like Acton Town. But this time we are not partaking of… Continue reading Walk the Lines (4 or 27)

Walk the Lines (2 or 25)

We've walked the lines in many different weathers (the worst being our last walk of the District line, in darkness and pouring rain for an hour and a half, during which I discovered my waterproof jacket was actually not waterproof). But this was the hottest walking day we have ever had, with temperatures predicted to… Continue reading Walk the Lines (2 or 25)