In the Peak District (36.20)

My name is Michelle and I'm a book addict. On our recent 10 day tour of the Peak District and surrounds, I came back with 12 new books. All second hand mind, but 12 of them. Do you know how much 12 books weigh? A lot. Especially when you add them to four books that… Continue reading In the Peak District (36.20)

Top tips for a visit to Kyiv, Ukraine

If you're planning a trip to Kyiv, here are some tips I hope will help you on your journey. Arriving / departing: Travelling with Ryanair? Then you'll be arriving/departing from the old Borispol F terminal that has not much in the way of facilities. At the time I was there for departure (June 2019) there was limited… Continue reading Top tips for a visit to Kyiv, Ukraine

A week in Kyiv – Day 7

Our last full day in Kyiv! Where did the time go? We should have been more rigorous with our mornings and done less sitting around the apartment. Oh well, you can't travel back in time, but you can travel to Pochaina metro to visit Petrivka market. Petrivka market is mostly about books; literature, scholastic, stationery,… Continue reading A week in Kyiv – Day 7