Travel A to Z – K

Kruger National Park, South Africa: There are many national parks in many countries, but Kruger is one of the largest game preserves in Africa. It's famous, and deservedly so, and a highlight of my travelling life. I would happily go back there for a week or two. Several times. For as long as my budget… Continue reading Travel A to Z – K

Travel A to Z – J

I'm travelling in my mind this month, back through time, recalling places been, and thinking about places yet to be seen. Jaisalmer, India: From Delhi, take an overnight train for 17 hours and wake up in Jaisalmer, a city close to the Pakistan border. Known as the Golden City, it's a fort city on the… Continue reading Travel A to Z – J

Travel A-to-Z – I

I'm taking some time this month to travel back in time and reflect on some of the wonderful (and less wonderful) places I've been able to visit, and to think about places I will visit in the future when travel is possible again. Iguazu Falls, Brazil/Argentina: Possibly the biggest waterfall in the world. If you… Continue reading Travel A-to-Z – I

Travel A to Z – F

Travel is still off the books, so it's a good time this month to reflect on the good fortune I've had in my travelling life so far, and my wishes for travel of the future. Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany: One of those place that people roll their eyes over. "Boring." they say. "Much better places to visit… Continue reading Travel A to Z – F