Bloganuary: a road trip

#bloganuary challenge 2

Late last year a friend of mine died. I will call her Cita for the purposes of this story. I was shaken up by the news of her death because it was so unexpected. The last time I saw her was on a road trip we made with another friend, who I will call Damar for the purposes of this story. We met up in Edinburgh and drove up to the Isle of Skye and back again.

The trip was supposed to be Cita and Damar alone but I invited myself along because (a) i wanted to see the again (b) any excuse to go to Scotland and (c) I could help them make a more flexible plan by offering to do all the driving as I’m a drive-on-the-left driver while they are both from drive-on-the-right countries.

The trip was not without frustrations. For me as driver it was largely not being able to stare out the window at the scenery (which was stunning in the highlands and on Skye), and getting shouted at when the car wobbled on the road when I did try to look.

The Quiraing on Skye

I didn’t for a minute imagine this would be the one and only road trip we would take together. Damar said she was planning to open  discussion on us doing another road trip together, perhaps in Iceland this time.

The road trip I would like to take would be with Cita and Damar around Iceland. I would even be happy to have Cita shout at me when I wobbled the car this time.

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