Day 3: West Highland Way

After a nights’ sleep and a full (fried) breakfast, we gritted our teeth, ready to trade country trail walking for the Lochside scramble. We knew this was one of the long days, 13m/22km, and tough walking at that. But the sun was shining, and we were buoyed by confidence of two good days already completed,… Continue reading Day 3: West Highland Way

Looking ahead – and backwards (27.2022)

I haven't written a weekly update for some time - sorry about that. I've been letting other things take up my time and as a result have not focussed much on this blog. Some short headline life news: I didn't get the job I applied for. I am not terribly upset about it. I think… Continue reading Looking ahead – and backwards (27.2022)

A glimpse of another life (42.2021)

This week there were a few news stories that caught my eye: * Here’s a crazy idea: on Sakhalin island, a coal (and I think oil) producing island in the Far East of Russia, is getting a 67MW wind farm. A wind farm that will provide energy for the coal mine. Just think about that… Continue reading A glimpse of another life (42.2021)