A trip to Chernobyl part 2 (A week in Kiev day 3)

After a rough night's sleep (our fan broke so the room heated up quickly, and then the dogs started...), down to the bar for breakfast at Hotel Desiatka: mors, bread and coffee (two options - "with milk or without"). And three fried eggs. Well, protein is important to keep your strength up in a radioactive… Continue reading A trip to Chernobyl part 2 (A week in Kiev day 3)

Another month, another hotel room

One month on from thinking I was going to cough myself to death in a hotel room in Casablanca, I am in a hotel room in Brussels, cross checking figures and rehearsing tomorrow's presentation.I'm not 100% better, but I'm well enough to travel. Normally this kind of meeting would warrant a one day trip on… Continue reading Another month, another hotel room

Business travel diary – Day 5 (&6)

My last full hotel day. I will miss this hotel and the little touches of care I find from the cleaners every day, whether it's tidying my shoes, folding my pyjamas, sorting my toiletries into neat arrangements, arranging my slippers and towels in a decorative way, or even leaving me a flower! I end up… Continue reading Business travel diary – Day 5 (&6)