Island life – part 4 – sensory experiences

My time here on Madeira has been built around not just what I have seen, but also what I have experienced with my other four senses. Hearing The bells of the cathedral that start at 8am every morning and chime every quarter hour.The happy "honk honk" of the Porto Santo ferry when it arrives back… Continue reading Island life – part 4 – sensory experiences

Travel in a time of Covid-19

We read all the instructions several times to make sure we'd covered everything. Vaccination proof? CheckMadeirasafe website information completed? Check Airline check-in done? (although with much cursing at the airline's rubbish website on my part) Check (Although the airline website generates a document that declares "This is not a boarding pass. Please check in at… Continue reading Travel in a time of Covid-19

The last week of… something (28.2021)

This was the last week of Covid restrictions in England. Or most restrictions at least. From Monday 19th (referred to by the stupid as "Freedom Day") nightclubs and sports stadia and concert venues can open at full capacity; scanning a barcode for track-and-trace is no longer required; social distancing and one-way systems are no longer… Continue reading The last week of… something (28.2021)

Travel A to Z – E

Travel is off the cards for now, so it's a good time to sit back and reflect on places I've visited in the past, and places I want to visit in the future. While physical travel is limited, travel in the mind is still very much possible. Etosha National Park, Namibia: This was Husband-then-Boyfriend and… Continue reading Travel A to Z – E

Travel A to Z – D

We're locked down until at least some time in April. Can't go anywhere. Can't see anyone. The only place to travel is in your mind, down memory lane. This month I'm reflecting on travel stories from places I've been and thinking about that ever-growing list of places I want to go. Dublin, Ireland: It was… Continue reading Travel A to Z – D

Travel A to Z – C

While lockdown continues, while Covid-19 is still spreading, and in this time where we cannot go away anywhere, travel (if you're not an essential worker) means walking those same streets that surround your house; those same streets you've probably already walked many times already. I'm taking some time month to reflect on trips of the… Continue reading Travel A to Z – C