Revelator, this is Delta Station confirming docking complete. Welcome home, Revelator. Lynus switched down the ship’s engines, and as his ears adjusted to the quiet, he stared out the window of the Revelator, not at Delta station but at the blue planet looming large behind it. Home. “Let’s get this done and start our furlough.”… Continue reading Bright

Bloganuary 23: an interview with Lady B

Today we’re interviewing Lady Blackbird, the protagonist of a work in progress. Hello Lady Blackbird. Could I just clarify that is not my name, Lady Blackbird. I’m not the soul singer with the white afro. My actual name is Tara Amsel. Right, OK. Thanks for clarifying. So why is your book called Lady Blackbird? I… Continue reading Bloganuary 23: an interview with Lady B

Megan’s travel diary – Italy

It was in Italy where my appearance, that in northern Europe had marked me out as different-but-not-obviously-what-kind-of-different, stood me in good stead. The blonde girls in the hostels complained about having their bums pinched, about being harassed on the street by boys following them and whistling at them. Here in Italy, my colouring fitted in.… Continue reading Megan’s travel diary – Italy