Bond evolution – A View to a Kill (#14)

Hooray! We've reached the last of the Roger Moore Bonds! Although on recent viewing, none of them were as terrible as I remembered them, although certain aspects of some of the films have been terrible, for sure. The precredit sequence sees Bond in Russia to recover something from the dead body of a fellow agent,… Continue reading Bond evolution – A View to a Kill (#14)

Bond evolution – Never Say Never Again (#13.A)

Here's something I didn't know - Sean Connery is younger than Roger Moore. When Sean Connery 'retired' as Bond in 1971, he was 41. When Roger Moore started filming as Bond, he was 45. He will be 57 when he films his next and final Bond film, A View to a Kill. This film, Never… Continue reading Bond evolution – Never Say Never Again (#13.A)

Bond evolution – For your eyes only (#12)

The film starts with Bond visiting his wife's grave, before he's abducted in a helicopter that is remote controlled by Blofeld. Watch out for the glimpses of post-industrial London as the helicopter swoops around the abandoned Beckton gas works. We swing into the opening credits and - oh, this is new. Here is Sheena Easton,… Continue reading Bond evolution – For your eyes only (#12)

Bond evolution – Moonraker (#11)

Remember the space shuttle? Remember when space travel stated to look like plane travel and there was some kind of a hope (at least in my much younger self) that soon we could all travel in space? Well that didn’t happen for me. But space was still big business movie wise in 1979, and that’s… Continue reading Bond evolution – Moonraker (#11)

Bond evolution – The Spy who Loved Me (#10)

Husband and I often say this is the best Bond film. Best not in terms of realism or a has a gripping plot. It's the best film in terms of peak cheesiness. In a way, it's the best because it's the worst - skiing, sharks, helicopters, an underwater car, a beautiful Russian spy - it's… Continue reading Bond evolution – The Spy who Loved Me (#10)

Bond evolution – Diamonds are Forever (#7)

After the experiment with George Lazenby, Connery has been lured back to play the role of Bond and he is on a mission to hunt down and destroy Blofeld. As you'd expect from a film with this title, the opening credits are full of bling - female forms adorned with diamonds as Shirley Bassey belts… Continue reading Bond evolution – Diamonds are Forever (#7)

Bond evolution – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (#6)

Yes, it's a New Bond! Australian model George Lazenby takes over from Sean Connery in his one and only outing as Bond. At the end of his first big scene, he turns to the camera and says, "This never happened to the other fella." (*spoiler alert*) The one big thing in this film that never… Continue reading Bond evolution – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (#6)

Bond evolution – You only live twice (#5)

Spacecraft are disappearing - could this be a plot by the Americans? Or the Russians? But spacecraft from both sides are disappearing. Who has the resources to open a 3rd place in the Space Race? Hmmm... The opening credits show Japanese women in geisha-type hairstyles over a background of volcanoes. Is this film taking place… Continue reading Bond evolution – You only live twice (#5)

Bond evolution – Casino Royale 1967 (4.A)

I think the phrase "hot mess" was perhaps coined to describe this movie. Several directors working separately, several separate scriptwriters, yet the film has no coherent plot, no proper resolution. I can only think that as this film was made in the 1960s, perhaps everyone involved was on drugs. Casino Royale was the first James… Continue reading Bond evolution – Casino Royale 1967 (4.A)