Bond evolution – No Time to Die (#25)

(*Contains some spoilers*) And now we have it, after more than a year of waiting, the final Daniel Craig Bond film has reached cinemas. When the last film ended, we saw Bond and Madeleine Swann walking away from London, from MI6, from the bad guys, the whole shebang. But it's still a surprise that the… Continue reading Bond evolution – No Time to Die (#25)

Bond evolution – Spectre (#24)

I love a long tracking shot, and this film opens with a long tracking shot through the streets of Mexico City, crowded for the Day of the Dead celebrations, up the stairs into a hotel, into a lift, into a hotel room, and out along the hotel rooftop where Bond is getting ready to assassinate… Continue reading Bond evolution – Spectre (#24)

Bond evolution – Skyfall (#23)

The film starts with an all action opening sequence as Bond chases an enemy agent through Istanbul - down narrow streets, across the rooftops, and on top of a train. And it ends with Bond toppling from a bridge and the quiet words, "Agent down." The opening credits show a series of graveyard scenes, a… Continue reading Bond evolution – Skyfall (#23)

Bond evolution – Quantum of Solace (#22)

"This was a rubbish film," Husband said to me before we watched it again. I didn't remember it being rubbish, so I went into it with an open mind. It turns out Husband had to eat his words, this film was actually a quite good full-on action film. This film starts timewise just moments after… Continue reading Bond evolution – Quantum of Solace (#22)

#LateReview – The Fourth Protocol (1987)

Having just watched the four James Bond films featuring Pierce Brosnan, it was actually quite refreshing to watch this and see what he's like in a good spy film. Based on a novel by former spy Frederick Forsyth, The Fourth Protocol is set in peak Cold War time, with a classic USSR vs UK/USA plot… Continue reading #LateReview – The Fourth Protocol (1987)

Bond evolution – Die Another Day (#20)

After watching this film the first time in the cinema, I thought it would be a cold day in hell before I watched it again. It was so bad. I remember having an argument with the friends I saw it with on the way home. "That was a great film," they said. "Are you kidding… Continue reading Bond evolution – Die Another Day (#20)

Bond evolution – The World is Not Enough (#19)

I always thought this was one of my favourite Bond films. It had a good plot, good characters and was directed by a 'serious' director in Michael Apted. However on my recent re-watching I found the gloss had come off it somewhat. The opening credits show a series of dancing women in pools of oil,… Continue reading Bond evolution – The World is Not Enough (#19)

Bond evolution – The Man with the Golden Gun (#9)

What is that horrible theme song? It's like someone took part of a Shirley Bassey song and part of Live and Let Die and stitched them together but somehow losing the best features of both. And I'm sorry Lulu, your voice is not great here. The opening credits are confusing - why are there all… Continue reading Bond evolution – The Man with the Golden Gun (#9)

Bond evolution – From Russia with love (#2)

Just one year after Dr. No, Bond is back, and we can see the standard elements of a Bond film are evolving. I have a bit of an affection for this film, I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because it's predominantly set in Istanbul, as city I love, or maybe it's because I like to… Continue reading Bond evolution – From Russia with love (#2)

Bond Evolution – Dr No (#1)

There is a new James Bond movie coming out in November this year, and because we like a challenge, Husband and I have decided to watch all the Bond movies (including the ring-ins) in chronological order. I'm pretty sure I've seen all of these movies at least once, but it's always interesting to go back… Continue reading Bond Evolution – Dr No (#1)