Year over (52.2021)

And so we come to the end.

Do you remember at the end of 2020 when we said, Next year, next year will be better, and we pinned all our frustrated Covid hopes on a return-to-normal world in 2021?

So it didn’t happen.

On a personal note, early in 2021 I picked my theme song for the year as Climb Ev’ry Mountain as sung by Shirley Bassey. In October I climbed the UK’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis, so what I learnt from this is I need to be more careful in choosing my theme song of the year for 2022.

Covid will be… well I wanted to say breathing down our necks but that’s probably a bad metaphor to use. It will be living with us for some time yet.

I don’t want to say 2021 was without things to remember or without life lessons (note: mountain reference above). Every year offers lessons of some kind. And this year after sorting out my bookshelves, I think my main lesson has to be DON’T BUY MORE BOOKS THAN YOU CAN READ IN A YEAR!

My priorities for 2022 are health (physical and mental), writing and reading. And fun – there should always be a space for play and fun and silliness.

Wishing you health and happiness and all the books you could want to read for 2022 dear readers!

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