Bloganuary 7: What makes you laugh?

I’m going to come right out and be obvious here – cat videos. I love crazy cat videos. Especially the ones where cats take out small children. (There’s something about the innocent toddling of children contrasted with the stealth and speed of a cat attack that is humour every time.) The one where the cat leaps out of the bushes and knocks the toddler over will crack me up every time.

Humour is very subjective. I learned this when I bought a birthday card for my father. It was the funniest one in the store, I laughed so much. However when he opened it and read it, he looked confused. He passed it to my mother. She read it too, and frowned. “What’s the joke?” The card was passed around the family and no-one but me thought it was funny.

Ever had one of those moments when you wonder if you actually are a changeling?

The card was a cartoon drawing of a farmer and his son, looking out at a field of cows lying on their backs, (dead, in a humourous cartoon fashion).

The son says, “Gee Dad, the cows are all broken.”

The father says, “Not necessarily son.”

The inside of the card says, “Thanks for all your words of wisdom through the years.”

Funny, right?

What do you mean, no?

One of my all-time favourite comedy sketches is from Monty Python. Not – perhaps surprisingly – the dead parrot sketch, but the buying a mattress sketch for its sheer lunacy. “Did someone say mattress to Mr Lambert?” Every time I hear the song “Jerusalem” I think of this sketch.

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