Bloganuary 8: What do you like most about your writing?

Two years ago I let myself say out loud that I wanted to write a novel. That was my big dream. And then I read an article by Mel Robbins that asked, “What are you doing to achieve your dream? I’ve met so many people who say they want to be writers and when I ask them what they’re writing now they say, oh, I’m not writing anything. That’s not how you achieve your dream.”

Wake up call – how can I write a book if I’m not writing anything?

So I let myself write and get that novel idea in my head down in an actual file. (I have since been distracted by two other ideas…) I put time aside every week to write my blog. I am putting some time into my writing; or at least as much time as someone with a full time job, a jigsaw puzzle addiction and a good dose of Covid languishing can devote.

What I like most about my writing is that I am doing it. Slowly and haphazardly and maybe not with a specific end in sight, but I’m doing it and I’m putting it out in public. And I’m grateful for everyone who reads it! Thank you readers!

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