Addenda and errata (47.2022)

Live for the moment, they say. Be in the moment.

I know this is what meditation is supposed to be all about. Not looking ahead, not looking back, just breathing in the now.

I struggle with that. It seems that in the moment I am living now, I am constantly counting time, living in the future or in the past. How many months have I been on secondment? How long until the woman whose maternity leave I’m covering has to decide if she is coming back? How long until we head to Scotland to walk The Way? How long until this or that work deadline? How long until my birthday? How old will I be? How long until Christmas? At what time in my office morning can I go get a cup of coffee?

Hot desking: is it really useful?

The new offices we moved to this year are operating on a hot desking principle. There was a lot of disgruntlement about this before we moved, and it continues now. For me, it means, in addition to the extra 20 minutes of commuting time, I now lose an additional 5-10 minutes once I get to my floor.

The desk booking app doesn’t always work well, sometimes giving the spinning circle for minutes at a time; sometimes never coming out of that spin. Then I need to find the desk I have booked for the day, although it’s taking less time now, as I am getting to know which desk numbers are in which part of the floor. I unpack my bag (laptop, headset, pens, notebook). I can hang my coat on the back of my chair (the chair has a built in coat hanger at the back) but if I want to use the coat closets, I have to walk there and hang my coat. Which I do do, most days, because I also need to change my outside shoes for the office shoes that I keep hidden in the coat closet. Then I have to go to my locker and get out my glass and my coffee cup. Some days I also take my Istanbul paperweight although I don’t have any loose papers now. It’s just comforting to have it there with me. Once I have everything on the desk, and have plugged in the laptop, and the laptop has woken up, I then need to change the screen set up, move the mouse from right to left, change the desk and chair height. Every day the same faff. But compared to The Before, there are fewer days in the office, so fewer days to faff, which may be a win in the long run.

He’s not dead

In our house, we listen a lot of classic hits radio stations. In the morning, it’s a station that plays songs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. So when I came in from the shower and heard them playing ‘Let it Be”, my first thought was this is a 60s song, followed quickly by, Paul McCartney must have died. When the next song was ‘Together in Electric Dreams’, I felt even more certain this is what had happened and was trying to figure out how I felt about that while I picked up my phone and did a search to confirm what I suspected.

Internet news confirmed it: no, he’s not dead.

And Husband tells me that ‘Let it Be’ was released in 1970 so it does fit with the station.

What does that say about where my mind is right now?

A world of Catherines

This week I overheard a little girl walking to school with her Dad, reciting names of friends or classmates: “Catherine and Alison and Catherine and Marie and Katherine and Kathryn… there are so many Catharines! How many Catharines are there in the world?”

Her little voice reached a high pitch of amazement and confusion as she pictured the potential of a world full of people called Catherine. I realised this was one of those moments where a child had realised just how big the world is and how much potential for confusion there is.

I hope this week you don’t encounter any worlds full of Catherines.

Not a Catherine, but an artwork from the UK for Ukraine gallery I found near work while trialling walking a different route from the station.

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