Alphas, omegas (48.2022)

The beginning and the end. The start and the finish. I have started:

Reading Michelle Obama Becoming. It’s been on my shelf for at least a year, and it was probably the ads for her new book which I pass by on my commute that put this book in my mind. I’m enjoying it so far – the descriptions of her childhood, the changes in her neighbourhood, her fierce competitive streak that drove her to Princeton and Harvard and to a job with a top legal firm in Chicago when she realised this was not a job she liked. Did the geeky summer intern she was mentoring have something to do with that?

Listening to my Christmas playlist. In November. Not constantly, but occasionally, usually at the end of the working day, when it’s after 5pm but I still have an hour or work to get through. Then it is Christmas time.

An Instagram account for my cat. Yes, there will be daily pictures (and occasional videos) of my much beloved cat being posted. You can follow him @manny_top_cat

Watching the Serpent Queen, a tv series based on the life of Catherine de Medici. Some of the more bizarre parts of her story are based on facts, which is what makes for good TV.

I have finished

Reading the Artist’s Way. I started it on my birthday two years ago and finally I finished it. It’s supposed to only take three months if you follow it religiously. I suppose you could say I followed it religiously. With as much dedication as I have followed any religious practice in the past 30 years. I loved the book, it’s messages of being kind to yourself, to let your creativity go without judging it, but at the same time, to do the work that allows the creativity to be fed, nurtured.

1 thought on “Alphas, omegas (48.2022)”

  1. I enjoyed Becoming. I don’t listen to Christmas music until Dec. 1. It’s been a crazy month so I haven’t gotten into it much yet; just have had Alexa play me some tunes in the last day or two. Time to get serious about it! I own a lot of writing books, but I don’t have The Artist’s Way. I know it is very popular. But I just bought a couple of craft books this week that I need to plough through first.


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