Small victories

This week at work they announced the winners of the staff photo competition, always and exciting and tense time for me. This competition has been running for many years, and every year when the categories are announced and the deadline for submissions approaches, I spend hours (in consultation with husband) choosing what image goes best… Continue reading Small victories

The world of work

It's been a while since I was out in the market looking for work. But something happened this week that reminded me of my temp days, working for agencies, looking for something permanent. Here's an example of a typical prospective job conversation I would have with someone from an agency. Hi Michelle, it's Kate/Amanda here… Continue reading The world of work

Steering Committee

I had to attend a steering committee this week.For those not familiar with the concept, it’s something between a tough job interview and a trip to the headmaster’s office. I know head teachers don’t give kids the cane anymore but in preparing for a steering committee the threat of a beating hangs over your head… Continue reading Steering Committee