Week 27.2020 – rolling on into the second half of 2020

After a grim start to the year, I am feeling a little more positive and a little more energetic as the second half of 2020 rolls in. Let's hope I'm not mistaken in my feeling. This week's TV: We did some catching up on TV this week after a few weeks of not watching much… Continue reading Week 27.2020 – rolling on into the second half of 2020

26.20 – the middle of the year

We are crossing the midway point of the year - the longest day has been and gone. It's strange to think the days are getting shorter, especially when the evenings still feel so long, and the hot weather of the past week means the nights also feel long. This week's exercise: Walking Yes, we're back… Continue reading 26.20 – the middle of the year

Week 25.2020, the week when things opened again

What excitement! This was the week when we were able to start meeting people and doing non-essential shopping again. I have to say I was not super thrilled about the non-essential shopping thing, but meeting people, yay! This week we had two people from outside our household come visit. One was an outside visit in… Continue reading Week 25.2020, the week when things opened again

Week 22.2020 – challenge week

I'm calling it challenge week because it contained challenges for me and also because I am challenging myself. What does that all mean? Read on and find out. This week's yoga mood - negative. Much as I love James' classes, I didn't log in for the Monday morning class, it was a public holiday after… Continue reading Week 22.2020 – challenge week