How to be a winner and loser at the same time (19.22)

Good and bad news this week. Let's start with this week’s bad news: I lost a friend. Not a real friend, but someone whose voice I have listened to intently over the last two years. Someone whose relaxing tone helped me feel calm and focussed; someone who made me laugh; someone who helped me calm… Continue reading How to be a winner and loser at the same time (19.22)

Gruntled and Gormful (18.22)

Wordplay Isn't the English language a funny thing? We were discussing this week the idea of being gormless. It's one of those anti-words that doesn't really have a postive version. You can be gormless but not gormful. Why is that? Why does gormless persist as a word but gormful doesn't? And what it gorm? But… Continue reading Gruntled and Gormful (18.22)

One foot in front of the other (12.22)

Second week into my new job and I'm starting to realise just how much I don't know. I've gone from working very intensely on seven or eight projects, to working at a very surface level on potentially over one hundred projects. This is requiring a significant change of mindset and an ongoing sense of panic… Continue reading One foot in front of the other (12.22)