Cat and Cow (2.2022)

We are in the closing days of the year of the Ox. This might explain why the past year has felt heavy and slow and angry and overwhelming at times. The next year in the Chinese zodiac is the year of the Tiger, and a water tiger at that. I've looked at several Chinese horoscope… Continue reading Cat and Cow (2.2022)

Darkness on the edge of town (50.2021)

It feels like it's been grey forever. The days are short and never really light. The cloud hides the sky most of the time. I lose track of the days. On Tuesday I think, at least it's the weekend tomorrow. But it's not. On Wednesday I think it's Friday, but it's not. What day is… Continue reading Darkness on the edge of town (50.2021)

Mad, motivation, music (48.2021)

Birthday week! A shorter working week and a trip out of London (which I'll write up separately). But this week's observations: World's Gone Crazy: At a time when we should be very concerned about melting polar ice caps and global warming all contributing to climate change, I find myself slapping my head at the stupidity… Continue reading Mad, motivation, music (48.2021)

Too early, too loud, too kind, too many (46.2021)

The C Word It's still November but here in the UK attention seems to have turned to Christmas already. The radio is full of ads advising us to shop and shop and shop and buy more food and maybe buy new furniture and generally buy your way into celebrating the Festive Season. There's even a… Continue reading Too early, too loud, too kind, too many (46.2021)