Break it down again (48.20) Break it down again, no more sleepy dreaming. Good grief, here we are already, approaching the last four weeks of the year. Maybe that's why I have those fluttering feelings of panic in my chest. No, this year the panic is more likely linked to a sense of 'where did all that time go'?… Continue reading Break it down again (48.20)

32.20 – the heat goes on

This week's sleep: Noctus interruptus. It's been a difficult time for sleeping over the past week. Last Friday night it was Eid fireworks at 11.30pm, followed by a helicopter hovering for an hour at 3.30am; Saturday night there was some kind of altercation further down our street and a window was smashed, with more arguing… Continue reading 32.20 – the heat goes on

10 albums in 10 days

It was one of those silly Facebook challenge things. I saw my friend Ramona was posting 10 albums in 10 days and challenging one of her friends every day to do the same. "But there's no way she will pick me," I thought.By coincidence, I had just been listening to Human League Dare when I… Continue reading 10 albums in 10 days