Another month, another hotel room

One month on from thinking I was going to cough myself to death in a hotel room in Casablanca, I am in a hotel room in Brussels, cross checking figures and rehearsing tomorrow's presentation.I'm not 100% better, but I'm well enough to travel. Normally this kind of meeting would warrant a one day trip on… Continue reading Another month, another hotel room

Business travel diary – Day 5 (&6)

My last full hotel day. I will miss this hotel and the little touches of care I find from the cleaners every day, whether it's tidying my shoes, folding my pyjamas, sorting my toiletries into neat arrangements, arranging my slippers and towels in a decorative way, or even leaving me a flower! I end up… Continue reading Business travel diary – Day 5 (&6)

Business travel diary – day 2

Night from hell. No, not the bright red light on the TV opposite me keeping me awake. No, not the street noise, that has quietened right down. It's the GHAAARFFF EUGLEGH WUCHLAO of me coughing not mater what position I lie in: flat, propped up, face down, on left side, on right side. I get… Continue reading Business travel diary – day 2