Steering Committee

I had to attend a steering committee this week.For those not familiar with the concept, it’s something between a tough job interview and a trip to the headmaster’s office. I know head teachers don’t give kids the cane anymore but in preparing for a steering committee the threat of a beating hangs over your head… Continue reading Steering Committee

My Australian Self

Some months ago I wrote about signing up for a mentoring programme at work. I’m now rolling along with my mentor and one of the tasks she has given me is “to get back your Australian self.” This has perplexed me and raised lots of questions. What is my Australian self? What is my British… Continue reading My Australian Self

My work, my countries

My work is divided up amongst the team on country lines. Each project is based in a country, and if you’ve worked on one country, you will also probably get the next project that comes up in that country. Sometimes projects are assigned on linguistic lines (Russian speakers more likely to get Caucasus/Central Asia projects,… Continue reading My work, my countries

What my imaginary life taught me

A few weeks ago I wrote about my imaginary life  - how after seeing a job advertisement, I had mentally left my current job, moved out of my house and moved to Scotland to start a new life on a remote island. Well I did apply for the job, but I didn’t get it. However… Continue reading What my imaginary life taught me