Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Day 7

Last day! And I find a late burst of energy. Perhaps because we had a lazy morning and didn't leave the flat until after 11am. Simon Callow: De Profundis Simon Callow is an awe-inspiring actor. This is the second time we have seen him perform and both times he has delivered lengthy solo monologues. This… Continue reading Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Day 7

Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Day 6

Health: starting with my health update today. I woke up tired, aching, dehydrated and my left eye was twitching. I am not feeling joy at the prospect of four shows today. More time in too dark, too hot crowded rooms on uncomfortable chairs wedged in too close to the person next to you, followed by… Continue reading Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Day 6

Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Day 5

The day started grey and windy, but by midday, the wind had blown the clouds away and we had blue sky and warmth. Orwell That Ends Well: The Musical A young theatre group presenting an entertaining blend of two Orwell novels, 1984 and Animal Farm, as a musical. I studied Animal Farm at school but… Continue reading Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Day 5

Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Day 4

The day lured us out of bed with the promise of sunshine but that promise disappeared into rain pretty quickly. Although the day did alternate between bright and rain which is better than a constant not-quite-rain-but-wet-air like yesterday. The Full Irish - Whistlebinkies 11am at Whistlebinkies. I know I drank here often in my Edinburgh-dwelling… Continue reading Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Day 4

Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Day 3

That special kind of weather, not actually raining, but the air is wet, so if you walk in it for more than a few minutes, your glasses will be smeared with damp, your hair will be wet and you will feel like you're wearing clothes that aren't quite dry. There's probably a special Scottish word… Continue reading Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Day 3

Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Day 2

Woke up to the sound of rain. This is probably indicative of the weather to come over the next few days. Today we expected a light show day as we were catching up with friends coming over from Glasgow, but we managed to see an early free show. Comedy Tapas - Opium Rooms Part of… Continue reading Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Day 2